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If you are running an online WordPress business then hiring a maintenance service agency is always a wise move. Because you cannot manage everything by yourself, these companies help you run a smooth business by focusing on what matters. If your site goes unmaintained, you may face problems like security breaches, slow page load, reduced search engine ranking, and if there is no backup — you could lose it all.

Over the years, a decent number of WordPress maintenance service providers have emerged which aim to look after your website to lessen both your hassle and time spent on managing an online property.

I am going to share a few good maintenance service providers in the WordPress industry. You’ll learn about the services they offer and why you should consider hiring them.

Ingredients of a WordPress Site Maintenance

Website maintenance plays a crucial role in protecting your site from a variety of potential problems. Several site owners don’t consider maintenance as a necessity. Instead, they let it go unnoticed.

Remember — WordPress is free, managing it is not. Since you control your self-hosted site, it’s your responsibility to manage, maintain, backup, and secure it.

There are numerous WordPress maintenance services out there. They offer to hlep you by managing the necessary updates and other security issues such as regular backups, processing comments, and much more.

A regular WordPress website maintenance can do the following things for you:

  • Backing up your site
  • Processing comments
  • Optimizing your database
  • Optimizing for speed and SEO
  • Setting up and monitoring security
  • Handling core and plugin/theme updates, etc.

While the list may look simple enough, once your website grows, these small tasks start to take a lot of time. Valuable time that you could be spending on your business instead.

Let’s review a few awesome WordPress maintenance service providers.

WP Site Care

WP Site Care is one of the leading names when it comes to providing monthly maintenance services. They take care of all the chores like security monitoring, automated backups, site optimizations, and support issues.

WP Site Care offers a variety of plans and benefits which start at $79 per month for core services like cloud backups, security monitoring, managed WordPress updates, and more. Other plans cost $299 and $999 per month which offer both professional and custom services.

WP Valet

With an extensive industry experience and a fully equipped team of experts, WP Valet is another fast growing WordPress maintenance service provider. It offers a variety of services including security monitoring, updates, site migration, security audits, and custom development.

Mason James founded the company back in 2011, and they do a great job of complex migrations.

All of its pricing plans are tailored to specific needs and requirements of the site owners. However, when it comes to revealing the price packages, WP Valet is quite less transparent as compared to its counterparts. They’ve only mentioned about their starter package which begins at $250 per month. To seek info about their advanced packages you need to contact them.


WPCurve offers one of the best website support and care services in the community. They are a team of professionals who test and ensure useful bug fixes, maintenance, speed, and conversion optimization. Another interesting feature is that they allow their developers to work for small jobs on your WordPress website.

WPCurve has been around since 2013. It has had glowing recommendations.

So far they have completed more than 44,000 projects, with a team of 39 people. Their starting monthly package begins at $79 per month. For advanced services, you can upgrade to the professional plans as well.


Maintainn is a maintenance service provider supported by WebDevStudios. The company claims to handle everything from development to security and updates.

Their monthly pricing plans start at $49 which includes services like security monitoring, offsite backups, core updates, etc. Also, they offer advanced plans which are for $99 per month.


FixMyWP provides maintenance services where they also offer development support. If you get hacked, or there is a problem with a theme you just installed — and if a plugin has been acting out, you can hire them to fix it.

I have read reviews where total strangers have given him a good score on having their hacked sites fixed. That in my book is commendable.

They either provide a custom quote for a fix to your site or provide maintenance services for $50-$100 per month.

That’s Not All

Seriously, they are so many awesome companies that fit the bill here. There’s GoWP (read happy customers reviews about them — and I know about them being community sponsors at events like WCUS as well as a part of AWP’s $100K Giveaway), TheWPButler, WPBuffs (you can definitely read a lot of testimonials about them via Google) and a few which are relatively new e.g WPMatic (which is a sister project of TeslaThemes I think), etc.

The fact of the matter is that nearly all online businesses require constant maintenance and support which means you need technical expertise. So, this leaves you with two choices either you learn everything about WordPress maintenance and support OR  you pay someone else to do it.

If you are up for the latter, then all the names which I’ve mentioned in this post are very much dependable. And if you are already using a maintenance service that’s not listed here, let me know about it in the comments below. I’d love to read your feedback as well.

As usual, don’t hesitate to leave any questions or comments below, and I’ll aim to respond to each of them.

Ahmad Awais is a senior Full Stack Web Developer, regular WP Core Contributor, Front-end Fanatic and an accidental writer. He loves to write, build, talkand share everything about WordPress & professional Open Source software. Connect with him at Twitter and subscribe to his WordPress Newsletter!

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