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How to change the font in your Instagram bio

You may have noticed a new phenomenon taking place on Instagram. Where once everything used the same font, suddenly users are switching things up. Want to follow suit? In this post we'll show you how to change the font in your Instagram bio.

Having the right Instagram bio is crucial in attracting new followers, and ensuring your profile can be found by the right people. You should make sure your bio includes any relevant links to other accounts you run or are associated with, as well as relevant keywords or hashtags so that people can find you. Emoji can also help add some colour and break things up.

Another thing that adds a bit of flavour to your bio is having a different font than the Instagram standard. And the good news is that changing it is both easy and free. Read on to find out how to change the font in your Instagram bio…

01. Choose your font

Instagram Fonts results for Creative Bloq

The options in Instagram Fonts range from the understated to the emoji-studded

There are various tools that generate fonts that can be used on Instagram. Try Instagram Fonts or LingoJam, for starters. Type in the text that you want to change, and these tools come up with a list of fonts that can be used in Instagram. Some of them are pretty simple, while others go overboard with emoji and symbols. 

Bear in mind that you probably don't want the whole of your bio to be in a different font, or it may become hard to read. Once you've found the font you want to use, copy it.

02. Paste in Instagram

Mucho has opted for a different font in its description

Open Instagram, and go to Edit Profile, then paste in your new font. Click Submit and you are done. That's it! 

If you'd prefer a wider selection of fonts, check out apps such as Fonts – for Instagram (for iOS). You could also try  Cool Symbol – which has a lot of different options, but a confusing interface. 

To see other Instagram hacks, including how to add spaces to your bio, see our post: 6 Instagram hacks to transform your feed.

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