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User Stories: As a [UX Designer] I want to [embrace Agile] so that [I can make my projects user-centered]

Let’s examine a tool so simple yet so powerful that once you’ve learned about it, you will apply it in all your projects. It is a great design method that enhances collaboration among all stakeholders.
Users’ Needs are a core part of Agile: the User Stories
There are so many articles about UX and Agile. Lots of them are rants about how Agile is so UX unfriendly, how these two approaches cannot work together, etc. Yes, it is difficult to work on software projects. Yes, it is challenging to work in collaboration with other disciplines. And, while we’re at it, we might say “yes” to so many cons, that we won’t address them all in a single article.
Our focus today is on this simple and quick d…

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